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This version of Queen Bee is an enemy of Spider-Man in the 1970's Electric Company series. A half-human, half-bee mutant named The Queen Bee (Hattie Winston) plots to rule the world. Her underlings are also mutated bee-human creatures (played by Skip Hinnant and Judy Graubart). She plans to release a deadly bee named Fang to sting and kill whomever stands in her way. Spidey tracks her down to her giant hive and foils her plans by webbing her minion, The Beekeeper (Luis Avalos), but not before Fang is released. The other mutated bee-humans sting Spidey repeatedly while she escapes. Spidey, covered with sting marks, eventually escapes the hive and is in pursuit of Queen Bee and Fang as the story ends.