Queen Bee AKA Barby, was the main villain of the Panty and Stocking With Gartbelt segment, The Turmoil of the Beehive, which also debuted Briefers Rock. She is a Ghost based on a queen bee or wasp.


In life, she was the most popular girl in school but died when she was stung by the pet bee of a nerd she bullied.  She then became a ghost that desired to maintain her popularity.

Disguised form

Panty and Stocking meet her when they went to Daten High School to investigate several disappearances that were happening. She originally appears disguised as a living girl, and is a walking Alpha Bitch stereotype. Barby warns the Angels not to cross her, but Panty and Stocking find her annoying and insult her.

Barby then tries many methods to remain popular and make the Anarchy sisters look foolish, which fail miserably. Panty and Stocking become the new most popular girls in school, and several student throw out Barby's pictures and figurines out of their lockers, but are then kidnapped by an unseen figure.

True Form and Purification

Briefers leads the sisters outside believing he found a lead on the ghost. Queen Bee reveals herself and shows her true form. Using bees she spawned, she possesses many students, who fight Panty and Stocking. However, Panty and Stocking destroy the bees, freeing the victims of Queen Bee's influence. Enraged, the Queen fires a barrage of bees upon the duo, but Stocking tears a way through them with her swords, allowing Panty to jam Backlace in Queen Bee's face and fire. Queen Bee was destroyed and her spirit was purified, earning the Anarchy sisters eight Heaven Coins.

Powers and abilities

Queen Bee's primary ability is to spawn bee minions which attach themselves to the head of a human, subjugating the victim to the Ghost's commands. She can also use her bees as projectiles, and can fire hundreds of them at once by transforming her abdomen into a massive honeycomb that resembles a giant Katyusha rocket launcher.

She is also able to shapeshift, appearing as a regular human.