The Queen Bee is the ruthless ruler of the hive. She is a large anthropomorphic bee. She rules the Bee Colony. It is not known what happened to her in the sequel when Katy became a butterfly.


Katy Caterpillar (1983)

The Queen made her first and only debut in this movie. Leader of the bees, she mistreats her workers by working hard, including Katy and the bee nicknamed "Bee #5344". After Katy had done hard work in the hive, the queen explains why Katy is leaving. She replies to her saying to leave the hive. The queen yells at her to get back to work to avoid leaving the hive. The other workers agree what the queen said.

Villainous Deeds

  • The Queen called Katy a worm when she got into the colony for the first time. This is rudeness, because Katy is actually a caterpillar.
  • She gave Katy a false worker bee number (#6286).
  • The Queen also made her worker bees work hard for more pollen. Her counterpart is also same to the Boss Ant. Both monarchs abuse their workers.


  • It is unknown who voiced the queen in the English dubbing and original Spanish language.