Queen bee
Queen Bee is a supervillain from the DC universe who models herself around the insect of the same name and seeks to enslave the world and turn it into a hive-like colony with her as an all-powerful monarch.

Queen Bee is often depicted as a member of an alien species that share similiar traits to some types of insects found on Earth - with her acting as the leader of the Hive, which function as a superorganism ruled over by her will.

Justice League Unlimited

QueenBee JL

Queen Bee in Justice League

In the show Justice League Unlimited she appears as a training hologram in the episode "Far From Home". She later joins the Legion of Doom.

Young Justice

Queen Bee (Young Justice)

Queen Bee in Young Justice

Queen Bee is one of the major antagonist in the TV show Young Justice. She is one of the main members of the evil organization called The Light, under the alias of L-4.

DC Universe Online

Queen Bee (DC Universe Online)

Queen Bee in DC Universe Online

Queen Bee appears as a major antagonist in DC Universe Online where she allies with Brainiac against the heroes and villains of Earth - hoping to enslave them all in the process.

Blackhawk Squadron Villain

Queen Bee (Earth-X)

Queen Bee was the leader of an organization called "The Golden Swarm". They poisoned prominent townspeople and swayed public opinion in their favor partly by their comely appearance. The Blackhawks managed to defeat the Queen and her henchgirls by scaring them with mice.