Queen Badiane

Queen Badiane (also known as Badiyanu in the English language dub) is the main antagonist of Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie (which also includes "Black Dream Hole" in the English title). She has a black dream hole (a black hole for eternal sleep), which is a part of her. Poupelin ("Pupulan" in the English dub), Banane ("Bananu") and Orangeat ("Oranju"), three of her fairies, mesmerise children with her flute at night, but Pupulan's younger brother, Perle ("Peruru") doesn't do any of this due to befriending Chibusa ("Rini"). Badiane's goal is to have all children put in dream boxes and use the dream energy from children to make the black dream hole bigger until it swallows the Earth, so that everyone on the Earth will be in dream boxes.