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Queen Athena is the queen of the Apocazons who live on the island of Apocalypso. She and the Apocazons drink nectar that enables them to control plant life. The queen along with the other Apocazons captured the construction workers for Utopia Acres. They wanted Lexi to join them in the Zero Hour where they will used their plant-like weapons to rid Acmetropolis of its annoying men when they take over.

Queen Athena saw through Ace and Danger Duck's disguises when they were looking for Lexi. Since Lexi drank the nectar, she took on Queen Athena and were evenly matched. Lexi learned that they just wanted to go to another non-hostile planet after what happened to their planet. With the Loonatics help, they got the Apocazons off Acmetropolis before the missiles sent by Tech impacted Apocalypso Island.

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