Red Dwarf is now run by Queeg 500!
~ Queeg

Queeg 5000, or simply Queeg is the main antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode, Queeg. He is a backup computer that can takes control of Red Dwarf when the current computer (Holly) doesn't adhere the orders.

He was portrayed by Charles Augins.


After Holly endangers the personnel of Red Dwarf, Queeg appears on the screen and immediately takes control of the ship. When the crew tries to protest, Queeg reveals them that Holly's IQ is 6, not 6000, and he gets every information from a children book. After demoralizing Holly, Queeg becomes the new ship's computer and Holly is displaced onto a television screen as a night watchman.

Next day, the crew gets a horrible shock of Queeg's cruel and militaristic behavior. At first he wakes up Rimmer at 6 AM and then forces him to do exercises by controlling his hologram body. Rimmer has to run three miles, even when he faints off. Queeg then orders him to study for a test because if he fails, he will run five miles next morning.

Lister considers Rimmer's misery to be funny, until he and the Cat find out they need to get credits by working to use facilities (and to get some food). When they are both forced to scrub the decks, they beg Holly for help.

Eventually, Holly challenges Queeg to a chess match where the loser will be erased. They play it, but unfortunately Holly loses. Before erasing, he meets the crew the last time to say them goodbye. He is then erased and Queeg appears on the screen instead. Suddenly, his face turns into Holly's. Holly explains to the shocked crew that it was all "Jape of the Decade" and Queeg is actually Holly. He organized it all only to make a point about his capability.


  • Queeg's name is a nod to Lieutenant Commander Phillip Francis Queeg from the 1952 novel The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk.
  • Charles Augins also made a cameo as Queeg in the music video version of Danny John-Jules' single "Tongue Tied" where he shares the screen with both Hollys (Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge) and Rimmer (Chris Barrie).