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Quaver, the Jester.

Quaver is the musical and artistic servant of the Overlord in Overlord II. Many believe he was in the first Overlord game, but that was in fact another Minion Jester.


Overlord II

Quaver appears as a loyal (if not overbearing) brown minion in the service of the Fourth Overlord. He first appears when he and Gnarl discover the new Overlord frozen in a block of ice, and stupidly sticks his eyeball to the ice, and pulls his eye out before Gnarl "fires up the dragon". He then replaces his missing eye with a glass one, and coins neverending poems and songs about the Overlord's journey's and achievments. He is considered very annoying by the other minions, so much so that he has been kicked out of the Brown Minion gate. Quaver has been known to use his rattle as a cane. His love of the arts is so great, it is implied that he faints when the Overlord retrieves a harp, and he quickly forms a minion band to sing out praises to the Overlord.

Quaver's Songs

  • "Juno's Champion" Oh Juno is a lovely sight, I'm almost moved to tears! I hope she will sit down with me and gently stroke my ears
  • "Yeti Slayer" Master slayed the yeti fierce, he really was a thug. And I think we all agree he looks better as a rug!
  • "Ghost Bringer" The Sanctuary has been destroyed and the Queenie made a fuss. And now we got to pay the price, her ghost moved in with us!
  • "Leader of the Pack" Now sire has some wolven friends, there is no looking back, with his browns aboard their steads, he is the leader of the pack
  • "Rescuerer of Kelda" Fiesty Kelda has come to join us. She looks handy in a brawl. I just hope she won't cut off my head, and mount it on the wall!
  • "Red Rescuerer" Our fiery friends are back with us, when the fairies learn. I don't know how they fly, they look to round to leave the ground and even reach the sky!