A HUMAN!!! Monsieur Dracula has brought a human to ze hotel!!!
~ Quasimodo Wilson
You catch the human, and then I will make Human...Pot...PIE!!!!
~ Quasimodo explaining what he wants to do Jonathan.

Chef Quasimodo Wilson (simply known as Quasimodo Wilson) is the main antagonist Sony Pictures Animation's 9th feature film, Hotel Transylvania. He is the gourmet chef at the hotel who despises Jonathan, because he is a human and wishes to destroy (later expose) him.

He was voiced by Jon Lovitz who also played Artie Ziff and Mr. Marks.


In Hotel Transylvania

He was first seen with Dracula wondering if Jonathan was a human. Dracula claimed that there were no humans around. He complained to Quasimodo that he needed pigs in blankets instead of the dish that was already made. Quasimodo also frequently acted mean against his sidekick, but treated his pet rat named Esmeralda nicely. The same thing happens when everyone was near the pool.

Later, after Dracula and Jonathan experienced real fun by jumping through floating tables, Quasimodo kidnapped Jonathan while knowing he was a human the whole time. He was pursued by several knights, only to give them the slip and headed to the kitchen. He tried to rotiserate him, but was interrupted by Dracula. He dared Jonathan to scare Esmeralda to prove he wasn't human, which failed and proved otherwise. Dracula had Quasimodo paralized by magic. After the duo left, his sidekick had revenge by making him stuck picking his nose.

At Mavis's party, Quasimodo and Esmeralda crashed in to expose Jonathan in front of everybody. He couldn't speak perfectly due to being paralized, but a fly knew how to speak frozen and translated for everyone. This causes everyone to panic and ruined everything. During the last scene, he was still stuck and had werewolf puppies playing with his frozen body. It's completely unknown if Quasimodo was returned to normal by Dracula or was left paralized until he starved to death.


Quasimodo is known to be quite incredulous and psychopathic, as well as opprobrious and abusive. Even though he was a worker, Dracula slightly feared him at the beginning.



  • Quasimodo Wilson and Esmeralda are both based on characters off The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as Quasimodo Wilson is based on Quasimodo.
  • Quasimodo was once rumored to be voiced by David Koechner, who voiced Dag from Barnyard: The Original Party Animals.
  • Quasimodo does not appear in the second Hotel Transylvania film, implying that he could be killed or fired by Dracula.


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