Quasimodo 001

The being known as Quasimodo was created as a sentient computer by the Mad Thinker as part of a complex plan to defeat the Fantastic Four. The Thinker promised Quasimodo a better, more attractive humanoid body if he was successful. Unfortunately, the plan was unsuccessful and Quasimodo was abandoned.

The Silver Surfer then happened by and created Quasimodo his current body—misshapen and ugly as a part of Quasimodo's ugly psyche—but then Quasimodo wanted to destroy everything, so Surfer turned him to stone.

Quasimodo was next seen in the New York City area, building a huge amount of robots called "Cybertrons" to do his criminal bidding by stealing technology and calling himself Computo. He was discovered and defeated by Cyclops and Marvel Girl of the X-Men, but Quasimodo escaped through a river.

He then fought Captain Mar-Vell, and later Spider-Man and Hawkeye, when trying to gain control of major computer systems. He then learned of Xandar, whose planet-wide computer system was too tempting a target. Unfortunately, he was defeated by the Fantastic Four and the Sphinx, and ended up a disembodied intelligence in a computer in Russia. While inhabiting this Russian computer, he assisted the Dire Wraiths from the Dark Nebula in cloning Rom the Galadorian Spaceknight into a human body so that Quasimodo could steal Rom's armor.

The Vision fought this consciousness when he was attempting to take over the world, but Quasimodo's intelligence ended up being expelled into space.

While in space, he inhabited a satellite owned by Stark International, and controlling these systems, he was able to reconstruct his robot body. Unfortunately, he was not programmed for the "creative act of improvement," and he went looking (rather violently, of course) for Tony Stark to create a new body for him. Quasimodo fought Iron Man, which ended abruptly. Stark then linked Quasimodo into a virtual reality program in which Quasimodo would believe he was reborn into an idealized form—giving Quasi his dream as well as safely incarcerating him at the same time. He was later retrieved by H.A.M.M.E.R to create dossiers on super-powered threats and allies to Norman Osborn's Dark Reign