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Qalalaase is the main antagonist of the satirical play "Modern Terrorism" (also known as "They Who Want To Kill Us and How We Learn To Love Them".

He is an Arabic, Somalian terrorist and a criminal mastermind who is the leader of a group of terrorists.

He appear to be a friend at  Rahim and Yalda when he propose to help them. But he also want to take control over the governement. When Jerome came to the appartement Qalalaase tight him up and take him as a hostage.

Jerome free himself but Qalalaase trow him on the floor and pointing his gun at him Jerome being him to not kill him and will still his hostage alive.

But later Qalalaase decide he will not let Jerome live anymore and wanted to kill him because he discover his plan to take control over the world. He kill Rahim who wanted to protect Jerome and Yalda for be killed.

Jerome goes hiding himself into the bathroom while Qalalaase menace him and threatens to shoot him. He was splashed of water by Jerome which made him more angry and menacing to kill Yalda front of Jerome. Jerome finally have a fight with him as he punched Jerome in the face and gave him a black eye. Jerome finally push him away but when he charge for attacking Jerome once again Jerome take his gun from him and shoot him in the heart. Qalalaase fall on the floor and then Jerome and Yalda left the appartement and leave him for death.