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Pyros, also known as the Lava Titan and the Lord of Flames, is a tertiary antagonist in the Disney movie Hercules. He is one of the Titans that were imprisoned my Zeus, and seeks revenge on the Gods of Olympus.


Pyros is a mass of lava with bright yellow eyes and a light hunchback.

Disney's Hercules

Pyros was one of the Titans that were defeated and imprisoned by Zeus. A few thousand years later, Hades released the Titans, including Pyros. The Titans managed to take over Mt. Olympus, but after that, Pyros was defeated when Hercules uses Stratos to suck up Pyros and the other two Titans and then flings Stratos and the others into outer space, killing them.

Powers and Abilities

Pyros is immortal, possesses superhuman strength, and can generate powerful lava.

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