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I had to burn it. All of it. Murkoff took so much from us. Used us. Turned us into these things because nobody cares about a few forgotten lunatics. So let it burn. Burn the whole god damned thing down.
~ Pyro stating his reasons for starting a wildfire.

Pyromaniac, commonly referred to as Pyro, is one of the more significant Variants from a survival-horror videogame Outlast that inhabits Mount Massive Asylum.


Pyro is a man of average height. Like other inmates, he wears a standard uniform, though unlike most of them, who had their appearances scared due to horrific experiments, Pyro appears more human. He does, however posses a small number of razor-like scars that stretch across his inner forearms to his biceps and has the whole right side of his face burned, possibly self inflicted while attempting to burn down the asylum. Unlike many other patients, he has a small amount of hair. He, like many other inmates, possesses greater strength than an average man, as he had previously demonstrated when ambushing and overpowering Miles in the kitchen with ease.


Shortly after the death of Trager, Father Martin instructs Miles Upshur, the protagonist of the game, to meet up with him outside of the asylum. While passing by a burning cafeteria, Miles encounters Pyro for a first time, who is sitting on one of the kitchen tables, sulking and eagerly awaiting to meet his death at the hands of his own wildfire. When Miles approaches him, Pyro calmly addresses the man and summarizes all the pain and suffering he and many others had to endure for the sake of Murkoff's scientific progress and the excuse this gives them, as he believes no one cares about what happens to the criminally insane. He deeply expresses his wish to die to end his suffering and bring down the hell on earth that Murkoff had created, concluding with his reasons for starting a wildfire. He advises Miles that, if he wishes to leave he can exit through the kitchen's main doors. As the main doors are gobbled up by raging fire, Miles goes to find a way to douse them by finding a way to turn on the sprinkler system. Later on, Pyro ambushes Miles in the kitchen out of rage for extinguishing the flames. He manages to overpower and knock down Miles, before quickly exiting the room.

Pyro is not seen again, but it could be assumed he was killed when Murkoff's private military contractors stormed the building on the orders of their higher ups to contain the situation by exterminating all hostiles, referring to The Variants.