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N'Takki (New Earth) 01

N'Takki was the leader of a secret organization known as the The Veil. The purpose of the Veil was to hunt down and eradicate all extraterrestrial life, whether they posed a threat to the planet Earth or not. Pylon succeeded in capturing the alien hybrid Fringe as well as the gestalt hero Supergirl. He held them captive in his citadel and told them of his plans to protect the Earth from alien menaces. The Teen Titans (Atom's Titans) along with Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr. showed up, rescued Supergirl and Fringe and forced Pylon to evacuate his citadel.

Pylon then hired the mercenary team Dark Nemesis and offered them two million dollars to capture the Teen Titans and collect genetic data from them. If they succeeded in actually killing the Titans, he offered to triple their fee. Dark Nemesis fought and succeeded in capturing the Titans at the Mall of the Universe in Minnesota. The heroes managed to escape, but not before Pylon was able to acquire significant amounts of biological information about them.

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