Cannibal Pygmies, also colloquially known as Pygimes, are small, mummified humanoid beings that resided in the Oasis of Ahm Shere and minor villains in both The Mummy Returns and enemies in its videogame adaption of the same name.


The pygmies were known for their savagery towards living humans and killed any that ventured into the sacred Oasis because they were ordered by their master, the Scorpion King who does not want any trespassers in his Oasis.

The pygmies were small skeletal beings that once were alive, and were composed of flesh and blood. The pygmies had been in the Oasis of Ahm Shere for thousands of years before they began to age along with the Golden Pyramid in the center of the Oasis.

The pygmies had thus taken on a withered appearance, with exposed bones and empty eye-sockets. The pygmies had also aged to the point that some specimens were covered with moss and had twigs and roots growing from their hollowed-out skulls. About the size of a human child with heads that were size of an adult human, the pygmies were equipped with razor-sharp teeth and enlarged eye sockets. Though the pygmies could likely take no nourishment from eating whoever or whatever they caught and killed, they still hunted humans that visited their Oasis.



  • They are based on real-life Pygmies villagers.
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