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Note: this page is referring to the second Puzzler. If you want to see the original Puzzler, click here.

Puzzler II

Puzzler II AKA Valerie Van Haften is a villainess in the DC Universe, and an enemy/"huge fan" towards Superman. Unlike the original Puzzler, Valerie actual has a past and only became a villain to get Superman's attention.


Valerie Van Haaften AKA Puzzler, claimed that she is a huge fan of Superman. She was obsess to get Superman's attention. So she attempted to join several super groups hoping that she could impress him, but to no avail. Hoping that she could finally get Superman's attention, Puzzler decided that she would become a villain and join various criminal organization, including Intergang.


The Puzzler’s entire body is composed of nearly indestructible "puzzle pieces" that she can fully control, even when they are not directly attached to her. She is able to project them with great force at a target.

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