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Putnam is the secondary 
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antagonist of the 1989 film The Wizard, where he is a "child bounty-hunter" who is employed by anxious parents to bring back runaway kids. He is played by Will Seltzer.

In the film

Putnam, somewhat humorously, is hired by the Woods family, after their son Corey has freed his depressed brother Jimmy from a mental hospital. Putnam drives after the runaway boys and is determined to get them. He drives after them "across two states" and then he finally catches up with them at a swimming pool/videogame complex. However he is dragged out by police after the boys' new friend Haley says he touched her breasts, to which he humorously says "she doesn't have any."

Later on, he has been released, and he is now more determined than ever to get the kids. He catches up with them when they are enrolled in a videogame tournament, in a race to become "the Wizard" of games, and Putnam says he absolutely hates the kids. The Woods kids just ride down in an elevator to which Putnam says "What the Hell is that?" Putnam ends up watching Jimmy Wood enrol in the tournament in a twist of fate.