Puru and Waya was habitants of the Doll Kingdom, and the henchmen of Scarecrow in Super Doll Licca-chan series. Their goal are kidnap the Princess Licca to save the Doll Kingdon, and they always fail.

They were the only ones who accepted help Scarecrow to protect Yae and the royal family. But, they never learned strongs magic spell.

After some episodes, the two, like Scarecrow, protects Licca, and don't tries kidnaps she anymore.


Puru is a black woman and the most responsible of the two. She think up she is smart, and always give orders to Waya, and blame him after a fail.


Is a fat man and a bit jerk too. Waya is a bad guy with no malice so much. He various times asks to Puru the cause of the fail of her scheme, but don't know she failed in made a good scheme. Sometimes, he make simple schemes, and Puru accept follow they.