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Happy minions

The Minions are the aptly named Minions of Gru and the iconic tritagonists in the Despicable Me movie franchise. Some minions have two eyes, while others have only one eye, but all of them are yellow with blue overalls that have G that stands for Gru. They are very eager to steal, fight and use weapons.


Apparently, the Minions evovled from a single-celled organism into a group of yellow-skinned, pill-shaped creatures. They grew to have but one purpose in life: to serve villains. Unfortunately, their ineptitude has caused all of their masters to meet grisly ends. Humiliated, the entire species decided to isolate themselves from the world at large and planned to start a new life- and possibly a new civilization -in Antarctica. As time went on, the Minions slowly spiraled into depression (due to a lack of a master) until the 1960s, when the depression became impossible to bear. Thus, three minions- Kevin and two unknown Minions -were selected to journey into the civilized world and find a new boss.

Mutated Minions

Purple minon

A mutated minion as seen in Despicable Me 2

In the sequel, Despicable Me 2, Gru's minions were abducted by El Macho, who was using a chemical known as PX-41 to turn them into purple, hairy, mindless, and indestructible mutants who would destory the world.  By the time Gru found out about this, El Macho already had a huge army of the Mutated Minions.  He had planned to drop these minions all around the world on rockets, but as the Mutated Minions were being loaded onto the rockets, Dr. Nefario infiltrated El Macho's hideout with the few minions that Gru still had, and reverted all the minions back to normal with an antidote which was injected into Gru's horrible-tasting jelly.


  • The Minions have apparently served villains from all throughout time and all around the world (among them a T-Rex and Count Dracula). Because of this, they have developed a language that uses words combined from all around the world (among the national languages that make up "Minion-ese" are Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and English).
  • Despite being evil, the Minions are generally friendly and are more than willing to be nice.
  • Minions are addicted to bananas and apples to the point where they are willing to kill someone just to get a single bite.

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