Purple Fly

Purple Fly

Purple Fly  or Black Fly also known as the Fly is the main antagonist who appeared in the Cartoon of Smurfs, The Purple Smurfs, he was confirmed that Gargamel created the purple fly to turn every Smurfs into Purple Smurfs to bite all Smurfs on the Smurfs Village. Papa Smurf captured the fly to use the pollen as an antidote which turn the Purple Fly into his original form.

Comic and cartoon

The Fly is a flying insect, he was called black fly, but in the anime, he was called Purple Fly that turns Lazy Smurf into Purple Smurf with purple disease, Papa Smurf captures the fly that the pollen is turning the Purple Fly back into his original form with no memory about being infected by the purple disease.

List of victims