Purity First is a radical anti-augmentation militant organization and an antagonistic faction in Deus Ex:Human Revolution. It is one out of many fundamentalist anti-augmentation terrorist organizations. Founded by Ezekiel Sanders, the organization seeks to end all forms of augmentation and uses violence against Sarif Industries.


The organization was founded by Zeke Sanders, a former US marine that served in the Persian Gulf and was once augmented. He believed that his augmentations had made him do evil deeds and got rid of them and soon organized citizens to form Purity First. He had claimed that he Recycle Military Bill had made him do horrible things and started a crusade against all human augmentation companies. Once the group was formed, they did basic attacks such as vandalism and attacked buildings but most of them were empty. They've been responsible for multiple attacks against LIMB clinics via bombing.



  • The name of the Purity First organization as well as it's alias "Purists" comes from 2 words "purists" and "purism" which both comes from the word "purity" which means clean, incorruptible and pure.
    • The word "purists" applies to people who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style.
    • The name "purism" which the word "purists" originated from, is the name of an arts style which is applied to various arts.