The Puppet King is a minor villain in the TV Show Teen Titans. His goal is to collect the souls of the Teen Titans and place them into his puppets, doing so will gives him full control of the Titans Bodies. He almost sounded like Peter Lorre.


The Puppet King is a presumably either a possesed puppet or a human inside a puppet costume. He wears a crown on his head and wears a tin soldier outfit. He carries a remote control that grants him the ability to control souless bodies.

Teen Titans

When the Teen Titans were sleeping, the Puppet King infiltrated the Titans' hideout. He manage extract the souls of Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg and place them into his puppets. When he attempted to extract Starfire, and Raven's soul, Raven used her magic causing the Puppet King to drop his controller. When that happened Starfire and Raven's souls when into opposite bodies. They manage to escape the Puppet King leaving the others. Since they were opposites Raven and Starfire had to learn from each other and team up to rescue the boys. Just when the Puppet King about to finish the Teen Titans, Starfire and Raven arrived just in time. A battle waged on only to cause the Puppet King to drop his controller into a fire bowl. This caused the Puppet King to become a lifeless puppet and all the Teen Titans to return back to normal. The Teen Titans kept the Puppet King as evidence.

Later, however, the Puppet King was somehow brought back to life and recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. He appeared in the race initiated by Ding Dong Daddy for Robin's most secret possession as one of its villainous contestants, but was taken out in a mass crash triggered by Red X. When the Brotherhood executed its plan to eliminate young superheroes around the world, the Puppet King assisted Control Freak in capturing Killowat. During the subsequent assault of Beast Boy's team on the Brotherhood's base, the Puppet King confronted Más, who slammed him right into the next wall. Subsequently, when the Titans united for their final fight, the Puppet King joined his fellow villains in defeat.