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Penelope "Punky" Brewster is the protagonist of the 1980s television series Punky Brewster. She appeared as the main antagonist of the Robot Chicken sketch entitled "No Need for Glomer."

No Need for Glomer

The sketch starts with the titular protagonist of Punky Brewster growing up. She abused Glomer (the character from the animated adaptation of the sitcom) by forcing him into a closet and intentionally starved him. Later on, Penelope was upset that the children at school were calling her flat and she decided to let Glomer out of the closet so that he could grant her her wish of having a bigger chest. Glomer tells her that he's fading fast, but Punky didn't care stating that he could die after he granted her her wish. He begrudingly grants her her wish, but in a shocking twist, her breasts wouldn't stop growing. When  she was asking Glomer what was happening to her, Glomer simply told her to choke on it. It's implied that she was smothered to death because of her breasts.


  • The scene in which her breasts wouldn't stop growing was a reference to the real life actress Soleil Moon Frye's gigantomastia problem.