Punk Rocket

Punk Rocket

Punk Rocket is a villain from the cartoon show Teen Titans. He is a special enemy of the Teen Titans.


Punk Rocket is a musical anarchist who moved to the United States from England to spread the music that he calls "the sound of Chaos" Punk Rocket is first seen rudely interrupting a concert. The Teen Titans came to take him down but were unable to attack Punk Rocket because of the massive sonic waves emitted from his guitar.

He was eventually defeated by Beast Boy who told him to crank the guitar's volume at maximum, overduing the sound system it was linked to and short circuiting the guitar in the process. Punk Rocket made a cameo in the episode "For Real", where he is sitting by Le Blanc in prison watching the Titans East try to solve their challenges inflicted on them by Control Freak. Punk Rocket was later recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil.

He is sent with Angel to capture Bumblebee, but failed. When Beast Boy and his team of team of Titans attacked the Brotherhood base, Punk Rocket was defeated when Mas knocked him into a dimensional portal created by Herald. Punk Rocket's known power is emitting powerful sound blasts when playing his electric guitar. The blasts are capable of disrupting Raven's energy powers and can send an elephant about a hundred feet backward. He can also ride on his guitar through the air like a surfboard. He also has skilled hand-to-hand combativity.