Punch and Judy are original characters for the series "The Batman". They serve as Joker 's goon-like henchmen. While they aren't particularly bright, they do provide needed muscle to the weaker of Gotham's underworld.


Punch and Judy first appeared when they helped Joker in his crimes with his Joker Putty. They first robbed a Bank and then changed the face of the new landmark into Joker himself. Joker then managed to capture Detective Ethan Bennett to turn him insane but both Punch and Judy were handcuffed outside, defeated already.

Punch and Judy then helped Joker in his scheme to broadcast his crimes on television as entertainment to the audience and they served as the camera men. Punch and Judy tried to take out Batman when he attempted to stop the Joker Gas from spreading around the city but Batman tied up their feet and left them hanging, knocked out.

The two thugs later helped him in his deal with Killgore Steed. They took out Killgore's bodyguards but were later defeated by the heroes.

They continued to help Joker in his schemes and crimes for money as hired help. The two were even captured by Rumor and planned to be executed, but Batman and Robin saved them alongside their boss but were taken down by the two heroes.