Grandpapi Rivera, also known as Puma Loco is the father of the superhero White Panthera and grandfather of El Tigre in El Tigre.

Despite being a father of superhero and being a protagonist, Puma Loco is a diabolical supervillain with his Sombero of Chaos commits thefts in the city and no superhero could defeat him except his own son. Frequently in the series, he is a semi-retired villain but still commits crimes such as stealling billions of dollars or rare jewels. He also tries to influence his grandson Manny Rivera a.k.a. El Tigre to become evil like him. Puma Loco is evil but has code of conduct that he would never harm his own family and help them if they are in danger.


Grandpapi as Puma can control a robot suit that has robotic claws, jetpacks and even a hot air baloon. It also has the capability of launching missiles.


  • His supername is Spanish for crazy puma.
  • In some episodes, he joins some of the villains to steal things.
  • Grandpapi is rich and becomes richer due to his thefts. He happens to own the house that his son and grandson stay in.