Adres Dias also known as Pulpo is a major villain in the hit TV series Chicago P.D. He is a central antagonist for much of Season 1.

Early life

Not much of Adres' early life is known, but what little we know is that he was born and lived in somewhere in Columbia. He recieved the name Pulpo 10 years prior to the series when some corner boys gave him the name due to him being everywhere.

Chicago P.D

Pulpo is first seen on the pilot episode, where he is seen talking to a local drug dealer named Rev who is bound and gagged with two of his henchmen. He then takes the dealer to a bathroom and proceeds to personally kill him with a knife. Eventually, Detectives Lindsey and Halsteadt come to Rev's Apartment to arrest Rev, but Pulpo answers the door. However, the detectives nor Pulpo know truly who each other are. As soon as the detectives are about to leave, shots are fired coming from the apartment from Pulpo, they reach the apartment and find Rev's corpse with a young kid who was hiding from Pulpo.