The Puias

The Puias

The Puias are demonic creatures that are enemies in Devil May Cry 2.

They were sent by Arius of the Uroboros Corporation to steal the Arcanas for him.


The Puias are harpy-like demons with heads of vultures.

Powers and Abilities

They fly around, occasionally diving at their target or shooting their feathers at it like arrows. They often attack in groups, and are apparently able to become invisible while roosting which makes them quite difficult to fight.

Devil May Cry 2

A group of Puias first appear to attack Lucia as she retrieves the Arcana Medaglia from a museum, but they are quickly slain by Dante before he and Lucia left for Dumary Island.

It is unknown that whether the Puias were summoned from the Demon World by Aruis through dark magic or he simply created them through his experiment with arcane knowledge of magic and cutting-edge science.



  • The Harpy (from the Greek "Άρπυια", lit. "Snatcher") is a hideous death spirit with a bird's body and a woman's head and chest. They were sent by Zeus to punish the prophetic king Phineas by stealing his food and befouling the remains whenever he tried to eat, just as one of the Puias attacked Lucia just as she tried to take the Medaglia.

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