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Puck is one of the immortal Children Of Oberon and the tertiary antagonist from the animated series "Gargoyles". Though somewhat ironically, he was not as antagonistic towards the group as his human alter-ego Owen Burnet.


In stark contrast to the wooden Owen, Puck is a fun-loving prankster and has caused trouble on occasion. However, he is not as malicious as some tricksters and actually has a certain fondness for humans. Perhaps, one of the traits that made him an enemy of the Manhattan Clan was his loyalty towards the Xanatos family. However, this likely changed when David Xanatos redeemed himself.

In the episode "Future Tense", Puck has tricked Goliath into an alternate world near the end of the episode. By the end of the episode, Puck was forced to give up his attempt to create another vision. In "The Gathering: Part Two", it is revealed that Oberon has banished Puck forever from Avalon, getting him off magic training and protecting Alexander Xanatos.


  • Puck is voiced by Brent Spiner, who also played Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek.
  • Puck is based on the fairy from a traditional play known as "A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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