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The Pterodactyls (sometimes described as Pteranodons) are prehistoric creatures from the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost, its 1991 TV series remake and its 2009 movie adaptation. They serve as minor villains in the series and the movie (although in the movie they are more nuisance than true villains).

1974 TV Series

In the original TV series, the Pterodactyls often make minor appearences. They are usually seen flying in the background.

1991 TV Series

The Pterodactyls also appear regularly in the second TV series.

In an episode, a Pterodactyl attacks and tries to devour Kevin when he diverted his attention in order to allow Christa to pick some special plants.

In another episode, another Pterodactyl attacks Kevin while he was looking for a birthday present for Christa. He also stole some of the Porters' belongings.

2009 Movie

In the movie, the Pterodactyls are also present.


After a Compsognathus stole the Tachyon amplifier, a Pterodactyl arrives and catches him, then he takes him to his nest.

Later, Rick, Holly and Will go at the nest to recover the amplifier and they see it at the middle of the eggs, lulling the Pterodactyls inside with the music "I Hope I Get It". Rick quietly steps through the Pteranodon eggs to retrieve the amplifier, but when he reaches it, the music stops. The eggs then hatch, but Rick, Holly and Will begin to sing, which keep the Pterodactyls asleep. They are also joined by Cha-ka, who displays an impressive singing voice. Finally, Rick succeeds to escape from the nest with the amplifier without waking the Pterodactyls.


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