Pteramon are minor villains in Digimon Data Squad and Digimon Fusion.


Pteramon is an Armor Level Digimon that resembles a robotic pteradactyl that carries missles under his wings.

Digimon Tamers; Battle of Adventures

At the time when Mephistomon disrupts Earth's network with his V-Pet plot, a Pteramon bio-emerged in an industrial area, where it is confronted by Rika and Renamon. Renamon manage to defeat it. Afterward, another Pteramon was trying to bio-emerge but was destroyed by Omnimon. When Mephistomon's plan comes to its ultimate fruition and the V-Pets cause networks to collapse, a third Pteramon tried to bio-emerge, however it got deleted with the activation of the V-Pet vaccine program.

Digimon Data Squad

A SaberLeomon was working for Merukimon, he sent an army of Pteramon and Boarmon to invade and terrorize the Real World. Even though a huge ammount were defeated and coverted back into Digi-egg, more were still coming. Just when all hope seemed lost a mysterious man activated a dimensional gate and all the Pteramon, and Boarmon got sucked in.

Digimon Fusion

The Pteramon are members of the Bagra Army, and serve as the flight soldiers. They served as one of Tactimon's generals, MadLeomon. One was attacking the Village of Smiles, and was quickly defeated by Shoutmon. They also served one of Laylamon's general; IceDevimon.


  • Missile Storm
  • Sharp Wing


  • Pteramon's previous Digimon form is Armadillomon.