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Angela Pm, mostly known as the Psycho Mom, is the main antagonist of Psycho Mom series. Angela appears to be divorced from her husband. She has two children Gigi and Christian Golca.All of the Psycho Mother videos are uploaded on her sons YouTube channel.


Her first appearience was in Jul,26,2015 in a video PSYCHO MOTHER DESTROYS DAUGHTER's iPHONE!!!. The video starts off by her daughter being on her iphone ignoring her mother. She was ignoring her too much that Angela throwed her iphone into their pool. For halloween, she made a prank to a famous similar YouTuber McJuggerNuggets. she just putted two pumkin's on his car.

On Christmas Angela throwed all of their presents on the ground, because her daughter didn't want to help her finish the Christmas three. At the end, she pushed her Christmas three from the floor and accidently fallen on their grandma. Shes mostly famous for attacking McJuggerNuggets, She wanted to take a picture with him, but at the end she overreacted wanting to take McJuggerNuggets home.

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