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Psycho Delic is one of the members of The Doom Syndicate from the Megamind franchise. He is also the leader of the Funky Fumes.


Psycho Delic is one of the most notorious criminals of Metro City. He has been able to intoxicate the sewers with purple gas.

Ultimate Showdown

Megamind encounters the villain and defeats him at the sewers.

Mega Team Unite

The Mega Team encounters Psycho Delic as he commandeers a train. Psycho Delic tried to outnumber the team but was defeated. He redeemed himself and joined forces with the Mega Team.


Psycho Delic has the ability to use hypnotic music and fumes at his will.


  • "Let the party begin!"
  • "You'll need to be quicker than that!"


  • Voiced by Keith David, who also portrayed Dr. Facilier
  • He is similar to the Music Meister, since they have musical super-powers.

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