Psycho borderlands
I need another head for my merry-go-round - YOURS IS PERFECT!
~ Psycho to player character.
My whole life... was a joke...
~ Sometimes what Psycho's will say when they die.

Psycho's are a common bandit enemy type in the borderlands games.


Initially sent to Pandora as penal laborers to mine minerals for the Dahl Corporation, they were ordinary people in general. However, when the Atlas Corporation found out about the discovery of an alien artifact at one of Dahl's operations, Dahl was forced to retreat with only their essential personel, thus abanddoning the inmates on Pandora. Because of their prolonged exposure to the environment on Pandora, they underwent a mental transformation turning them into what they are today.

Psycho's care little for their own life they charge at the player character to murder them either by attempting to beat them to death, burn them alive, or do a kamikaze attack and kill himself and they player character together.

Their are many types of psycho types in borderlands.

Normal Psycho: normal Psycho's will charge the the player and attack them with melee attack.

Suicide Psycho: suicide Psycho's will try to kill the player character with a kamikaze attack, out of all the Psycho type they are the most insane.

Burning Psycho: Burning psycho's are pyromaniacs that will use fire weapons such as a flaming axes, they can breathe fire at targets as well.

Badass Psycho: Badass Psycho's act like a normal psycho but are the most powerful type of Psycho that deal heavy damage to the player character, and are surprisingly fast.


  • Psycho's are used as a mascot for the borderlands game.
  • In Tales from the borderlands the game shown more of their personality and they are completely unaware of what is real or a delusion of their madness.
  • Tiny Tina wears a psycho mask on her head.