Psycho-Man 001

Psycho-Man is a villain in the Marvel universe. He lives in the Negative Zone and has the power to control the emotions and mental states of his enemies.

Psycho-Man is a mad scientist that governed a system of worlds within a Microverse. Facing overpopulation, he determined that it would be easier to cross other dimensions than to travel to other systems.

Deciding that Earth would be an ideal target due to its inhabitants vulnerabilities to his unique weaponry, he used scientific means to enter the normal-sized universe, though he was only able to achieve microscopic size in this world and has to resort to a human-sized, armored exoskeleton to interact with anything not on a microscopic scale.

Infuriated by his defeat , Psycho Man became obsessed in finding the Uni-Power. He planned to become Captain Universe and  travel to Earth where he would exact his revenge. He scoured the Universe and captured hundreds who had been Captain Universe,  by the time he got the Uni-Power had moved on.

It ended when the Psycho-Man captured Spider-Man, who led a revolt against Psycho-Man with the other previous Captain Universe hosts and eventually defeated the villain, leading him to be tossed from his own ship while his former captives took possession of it.

He returned to Earth and  used an android known to stimulate hatred among the population of New York City through pamphlets. The Hate-Monger also succeeded in turning the Invisible Woman into the hateful warrior Malice, sending her to destroy her teammates.

After her husband, Mister Fantastic, succeeded in breaking the Invisible Woman free of her conditioning, the Fantastic Four pursued the Psycho-Man to his home dimension where they found they conquered a kingdom ruled by their friend Queen Pearla. There Psycho-Man succumb to the nerve degeneration. Dying, he returned to gain vengeance on his greatest enemies.



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