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Psimon is a villain from the Teen Titans media. He is one of the Teen Titans' major enemies.


Television History

Teen Titans



Nothing is known if Psimon faced the Teen Titans before he joined the Brotherhood of Evil. On the Brotherhood's orders, Psimon is sent with Kyd Wykkyd to defeat Raven. After a fierce aeriel battle, In which Psimon shot a powerful psychic beam against Raven's magic beam, he opened a psychic portal in which Raven was pushed in by Kyd Wykkyd, banishing her to an unknown location.

However, Raven returned to join the Titans' battle with the villains. She confronted Psimon again and used her raven aura to shield herself from his psychic powers. She got close enough to knock him out by giving him a hard kick. Psimon is then picked up by Kid Flash and is flash-frozen with the other villains.

Psimon is in command of powerful psychic powers. the extent of his psychic powers is unknown. the only powers he has demonstrated with his psychic powers are levitation, shooting psychic beams, and opening psychic gateways.

Young Justice


Psimon as he appears in the Young Justice series.

see: Psimon (Young Justice)

In the show he is constantly at aid of Queen Bee and her army. in his first two appearences he forms a deep conflict with Miss Martian who later put him in a catatonic state. He later recovers and helps kidnap more victams for the Reach. Black Manta later recruited him to help fix Aqualad's mind but Artimas knocked him out before he could.


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