Paralon is a ladybug grub-like Decepticon in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Pseudo stole secrets from Cybertron and sold them to off world enemies. He was captured and imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crash-landed on Earth by Megatronus, he was freed from his stasis pod. He made his way to the ghost town of Edmondville, which had long since been deserted. He thought it'd be the perfect place to set up a base. When Autobots unintentionally arrived for a would-be vacation, he immediately went into hiding.

He attempted to eliminate Bumblebee, but the Autobot sensed his presence. The Autobots began searching the town for him, Pseudo tried to use his shapeshifting powers to immobilize them. It proved to be in vain, but he scanned the forms of all of Bumblebee's team and took the form of Drift in order to stop confusion.