Prowler is a reformed anti-villain from Marvel comics.

Hobie Brown was a smart kid who nobody listened to. He was talented at inventing and designing, but was always looked down upon when he suggested something new. Tired of his talents being ignored, Hobie created a super-villain costume and turned to crime, becoming the Prowler. As Prowler, he would steal money, namely from the Daily Bugle, and return it as Hobie Brown, so that he could become the hero he had always wanted to be and impress his girlfriend.

This eventually led him to a confrontation with Spider-man. Spidey beat and unmasked him, and Hobie told his story. Spider-man let him go, thinking that he was through with crime. Spider-man went to Hobie several times for favors, and they became semi-allies.

Prowler later joined Silver Sable's mercenary group, along with Rocket Racer and Sandman, as anti-heroes of sorts.

Weapons and Abilities

Prowler's suit is armored, and has many weapons and paraphernalia to aide in his activities. Gauntlets on his wrists can fire sharp diamond-tipped darts, knockout gas, flames, a powerful blast of compressed air, and other weapons. His gloves are equipped with powerful claws that enable him to grip into walls. Pneumatics in his boots give him the ability to leap great distances.

Hobie Brown is also skilled at hand-to-hand combat such as tae kwon do.

The new Prowler is Aaron Davis Miles uncle and  Miles father brother.

Other appearances

Aaron Davis appears in the 2017 movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, where he is buying equipment that might set him on the path of becoming the Prowler in the future. He is portrayey by Donald Glover.

Aaron Davis will also appear in the 2018 animated Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He will be voiced by Mahershala Ali, who also portrayed Cottonmouth in Marvel's Luke Cage.