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The Provincial Area Armies of Trails of Cold Steel are supposedly tasked to keep the peace throughout each area of Erebonia. However, that has since been viewed as nothing more but a cover up as a means to help people that would undermine the citizens of Erebonia.

Working under the corrupt leadership of house Albarea, their main goal is to make sure the "thugs" get a pass. And that no one would impede their progress. Should they get interrupted or that Rean and gang would investigate them, they would be called out to that area. Not as a means of helping the situation, but rather throwing Rean and gang under the bus.

This' evident when they cuff Machias in Bareahard, when Team A comes back to the town and they have just complete the monster request task.


Wearing noble Erebonian attire. Players will recognize them as they usually march in groups of 4-5 people.


Strict to the core, they only obey the orders of house Alberea. Only caring about the "status quo". It becomes clear when Rean visits several of Erebonia's towns that's governed by these groups.

Rather than keeping the peace, they would rather work for people like street thugs, to people in the Liberation Front.