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Proteus was a villain from the animated series "Gargoyles" and was based very loosely on the shape-shifting god of legend.


Proteus was a member of the New Olympians, a race of superhuman beings that resembled the creatures of Greek Mythology and lived on a hidden island known as New Olympus.

Proteus has attempted many times to wreak havoc on New Olympus and escape into the outside world, presumably to create more trouble there for his own amusement. During his penultimate attempt to escape New Olympus, he murdered Taurus' Father, who was then Chief of Security. Afterwards, he was locked up in a force field cell in New Olympus's prison.

When Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx came to New Olympus on the Avalon World Tour, Proteus decided to take advantage of their arrival to make a fresh escape. After Elisa was locked up by Taurus, Proteus first masqueraded as her to trick Goliath into freeing him, and then, after subduing Goliath and imprisoning him in his cell, shape-shifted into Goliath to break Elisa out, hoping to trick her into leading him back to the skiff. First, however, he decided to enter the Columnadium and overload the power supply, which would have destroyed New Olympus. Fortunately, Elisa (who had by now deduced Proteus' true identity) and Taurus arrived in time to foil his scheme and overpower him. Proteus is currently back in prison again.

Powers / Abilities

Proteus was a master shape-shifter capable of taking almost any form he saw fit.


Proteus was evil and corrupt, taking delight in decieving others and psychological torture. He was also a sociopath who loved senseless destruction and mayhem.


Seeing Isn't Believing

In this episode, Proteus escaped from his prison in New Olympus and arrives in New York. He takes revenge on Goliath and Elisa. He gets captured and is defeated by Goliath, Elisa, Angela, Hudson, and eventually Taurus.



  • Proteus is named after the Greek demigod, who was also a shape-shifter but less openly malevolent.
  • Proteus is often seen as one of the more psychotic villains in the series next to Jackal (though this, like many things, is open to debate)

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