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This bypass has got to be built and it's going to be built. You've got to build bypasses!
~ Prosser

Prosser is an antagonist in the first Hitchhiker's Guide book. He is a human man who is in the Council and wants to demolish Arthur Dent's house. He is very arrogant, conceited, and, coincidentally, a direct male descendant of Genghis Khan, who is said to be very angry with Prosser for not being anything like him. Prosser has no Mongoloid distinctions aside from stoutness, a mustache and a liking of fur, and a recurring vision of bearded horsemen yelling at him.

Prosser is determined to demolish Arthur's house and arrogantly arrives without any warning, he turns up one morning and would have demolished the house with Arthur in it, had it not been for Arthur seeing the bulldozer, and rushing out to lie in its path. Arthur and Prosser have an argument, which goes on all morning, such as Prosser's arguments being the March of Progress talk, and Arthur making demands to see the Council, or a book, and finally Ford Prefect interrupts the argument by greeting Arthur and telling him to go the pub. Arthur is angry because his house will be demolished, but Ford persuades Arthur that they won't demolish his house until he's been to the pub, and he'd trust Prosser for five minutes, because that's the end of the world. Prosser does demolish Arthur's house and infuriates Arthur, and he runs up to him yelling, but then the Vogon ships come and scare Prosser off before Earth is destroyed.

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