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Propheta Cruentus

Propheta Cruentus: A Mantis Lord, he uses twin swords named the Shameful Curved Swords as his weapons. Cruentus attempted to kill Majima, but Gills interverned and battled the Lord until the El of the Water arrived to exterminate Gills.

Cruentus later attempts to kill Majima, only for G3-X to intervene this time. Cruentus soon goes to attack Gills directly, with G3-X interfering until the El of the Water evened the odds.

However, Shouichi arrived with a renewed sense of courage, assuming Burning Form as a result. With his newfound powers, Agito obliterated Cruentus with the Burning Rider Punch.

Kamen Rider Decade

A Mantis Lord join Dai-Shocker and destroyed by Kuuga Titan Form's Calamity Titan attack.

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