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The Prophet of Stewardship was a Lesser Prophet attached to the Fleet of Particular Justice. Stewardship was a member of the Council of Masters of the fleet. He served as one of the primary antagonists of Halo: the Flood.

He wanted to take control of Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadam's Fleet of Particular Justice due to the fact they discovered Installation 04, but Thel protested since the fleet was military. Stewardship was captured during First Lieutenant Melissa McKay's raid on the ship. He made no attempt to hide his status as a Prophet, no doubt so they would take him prisoner rather than just kill him on the spot. He sent a rescue request which ordered all vessels to rescue him, but Thel denied since the ring was about to detonate. Stewardship died when McKay disabled the ships main controls with a grenade, causing the ship to crash, thereby reducing the chance of spreading the Flood infestation.

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