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The Green Arrow is mine!
~ Prometheus to Tobias Church

Prometheus is the main antagonist of the fifth season of the TV series Arrow.

He is driven by revenge, having harbored a deep hate for the Green Arrow. Although the reasons for this are yet unknown, it is implied that Oliver Queen's actions in the past are responsible for Prometheus' creation. Thus far, Prometheus made it clear on multiple occasions that he will kill everyone who tries to kill the Green Arrow - claiming that honor for himself.


Watching from the shadows

After having been kidnapped by Tobias Church, Star City mayor Oliver Queen creates a special force team of trusted police officers. When one of these officers leaves the precinct through a backdoor, he sees a figure looking like Green Arrow on the roof above him. Believing the person to be Green Arrow, the policeman asks whether Green Arrow wants something from him. The person, however, is not Green Arrow but Prometheus who shoots an arrow into the man's chest. Panicking, the man draws his pistol and shoots at Prometheus who easily dodges and evades the bullets. With a throwing knife, Prometheus disarms the policeman, who runs off, but is brought to fall by another of Prometheus' throwing stars. Prometheus approaches him and tells him that he is most certainly not Green Arrow before finishing off the policeman with a Katana.

After Church has almost killed the Green Arrow in a fight, Prometheus confronts Church. After killing two of Church's henchmen with arrows, Prometheus hurls an axe in Church's back. To the injured Church he reveals that he will kill Church should Church murder the Green Arrow, claiming that the Green Arrow belonged to him alone.

After Church has clashed with the Green Arrow again, having kidnapped and tortured his protegee Wild Dog, Prometheus pays Church a visit again. He shoots an arrow at Church which is dodged by Church's guard Scimitar. Prometheus tells Church to consider this as his second warning, also stressing that there will not be a third one. After Church ignores Prometheus' warning once more, having been ambushed and defeated by the Green Arrow and his team while trying to carry out his big plan, Prometheus attacks the convoy transferring Church to Iron Heights prison. After murdering every policeman guarding the convoy, Prometheus opens the door to the truck that holds Church. Church tries to bargain for his life, even telling Prometheus that the Green Arrow is Oliver Queen, but Prometheus kills him nonetheless by hurling a blade into his throat.

Revealing himself to the city

By having killed Church, Prometheus has made his presence known to Oliver. By using Church's cellphone, he lures Oliver, who is accompanied by John Diggle, into a warehouse where he has left a message for Oliver. Once the two enter the warehouse a paste on the floor ignites, forming the words "So it begins".

In the next days, Prometheus starts killing citizens of Star City with throwing stars. The public eventually finds out and starts referring to Prometheus as the "Throwing Star Killer". The city starts panicking and when Prometheus is presumably spotted near a fair, a panicked riot ensues. Oliver and his team find out that the names of Prometheus' victims are anagrams to people whose names were on 'The List'. From these anagrams, the team deduces possible future victims of Prometheus and starts observing them. When Evelyn Sharp covers one of the targets in a metro, Prometheus indeed appears. Evelyn shoots at him but the arrow bounces off his armor. Artemis attacks him in close combat and is able to make him bleed but is then beaten down by Prometheus, who turns around and almost murders his victim. Before he can do so, he is shot in the knee by an explosive arrow fired by the Green Arrow. Before the arrow explodes, Prometheus rips it out and hurls it into the train's ceiling. Prometheus escapes the train in the resulting explosion, leaving a bomb to take down Oliver, Evelyn and the team. The three escape the train before it can go off.

By analyzing the throwing starts Prometheus used, Felicity finds out that the throwing starts are made out of remelted arrows used by Oliver throughout the years. The same moment, alcoholic Quentin Lance wakes up at home, bearing the same wound Evelyn dealt to Prometheus. He also finds a throwing star next to himself.

Later, Prometheus meets up with Evelyn Sharp who tells him "they don't suspect a thing", implying that Evelyn is actually an infiltrator for Prometheus. 

Killed Victims

  • Lt. Sam Conahan
  • Tobias Church
  • Peter Meld
  • Gay Eked
  • Two unnamed bodyguards
  • Numerous SCPD officers



  • Although he shares his name with a DC villain, it has been explained that the two villains are not the same and the the Arrowverse-Prometheus is an original villain. It is also implied that Oliver Queen's actions in the first season are responsible for Prometheus' creation.
  • He seems to share some traits with Jason Todd/Arkham Knight as both are vigilantes who wore suits identical the hero they loathed but with a full mask and using a voice filter. 
  • The suspects for Prometheus' identity are Tommy Merlyn, Roy Harper, and Detective Billy Malone.
    • Billy is suspected mainly for being the new character,
    • Roy is suspected given the previously mentioned resemblance Prometheus shares with Arkham Knight. It should also be noted that Jason also hated Batman because he thought he'd simply replaced him with Tim Drake as Robin, and Prometheus made his debut as soon as Oliver began recruiting a new team.
    • Tommy is primarily speculated as the season is about legacy both Oliver's desire to maintain his and honor Laurel's, and having the emobidment of his greatest failure, his inability to stop the Undertaking, would make it more emotional. However, Tommy was already aware that Oliver was the Green Arrow and would thus not needed the information from Tobias Church. 


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