Misery? What misery? I love killing people! Squishing them till their organs squirt out like chunky mustard.
~ Project Satan

The Project Satan is an antagonist in the animated series Futurama. He is one of the most evil antagonists in the show.

He was voiced by David Herman.


Project Satan was built by humans in the past (2019 A.D. to 3000 A.D.) for 981 years, as a military project to create the most evil car possible.

Project Satan, the original were-car, was built from parts of other evil cars, of which the following was identified:

  • The steering wheel from Adolf Hitler's staff car.
  • The left turn signal from Charles Manson's Volkswagen.
  • The windshield wipers from KITT, the car in Knight Rider.
  • The electric motor from Ed Begley Junior's car.

From Project Satan a line of were-cars were created as several robots were bitten, of which Calculon was the first to be infected. While staying in the castle in Thermostadt he inherited from his late uncle Vladmir in the year 3001, Bender was infected by a local were-car. The Planet Express Crew then tracked down Project Satan to the Anti-Chrysler Building, by following the line of infected robots, and managed to destroy him, thus curing all those infected by the were-car virus.



  • He may had a similar design to The Car and Christine.
  • Since Project Satan was made by cannibalizing the parts of other cars, he is more like the Frankenstein monster than a werewolf (most notably the classic Wolfman).
  • Despite running on an electric motor, Project Satan still makes the sound of an internal combustion engine when it drives.
  • According to Calculon, though KITT himself was not evil, his windshield wipers were. "It didn't come up much in the show, though.".


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