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I must do some experiments I think, ja ja, and we will sort this out. And when my Tediz are ready, then, my lord, we will see who uses the duct tape!
~ Professor Von Kriplespac revealing his hatred of the Panther King.
This is it! This is the end! No legs, and now no life! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
~ Professor Von Kriplespac's last words before his demise in space.

Professor von Kriplespac is the main antagonist of Conker's Bad Fur Day and it's remake, Conker: Live and Reloaded along with it's multiplayer campaign mode, although this fact does not become apparent until the end of the main game, where Kriplespac kills the Panther King releasing a xenomorph-like creature named Heinrich.


At an unknown age, Von Kriplespac lost his legs, and travels in a hovering wheel-chair. He spent most of his time doing the evil deeds while the Panther King acted as a figure head, one that some didn't even know really existed. As an evil scientist Von Kriplespac was responsible for the creation of Anti-Gravity Chocolate, presumably his hovering wheel-chair, and the Tediz, a construct with the appearance of a teddy-bear. The Tediz, as well as a rabble of weasels, serve as his main army. However, Conker, the hero, destroyed all the Tediz when Reagan blew up the Tediz barracks. By the end of the game, Von Kriplespac was sucked out of an air-lock and into space.

Conker: live and reloaded

He somehow survived the space and lived 200 years more just to return in live and reloaded sequel campagin and lead Tediz once again more powerful than ever then he resurected the panther king and actually followed his orders. in the future war he, Tediz and Panther king battled the Squirrel High Command and its unknown who won, many think it was Kriplespac who won.


  • "Duct tape? I'll get him ze duct tape, fucking arsehole!"
  • "Arsehole! I fucking hate that fucker!"


  • Kriplespac's real name wasn't revealed until Live & Reloaded.
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