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Wenerd Sharlo is the main villain of Bratz Desert Jewlz.


Death of Alias' Parents

Professor Wenerd Sharlo arived at Alias house with her parents, he ofered her to loaths of bread for the goblet that she got for her birthday. Alia had become so attached to her gift that she couldn't give it up, her father was proud of her for makeing a difficult disison and sent the professor away. That night Alia had nightmares that her parents would abandon her for her selfishness, she woke up realising she had to give up her goblet, but she found that it was gone along with her parents. She belived he parents had indeed left her behind. But in reality the professor had come back to steal the goblet, and killed her parents when they tried to stop him.

Alias' adoption

After the death of alias parents Professor Wenerd took her in, but saw her as a pawn rather then a daughter figure and never realy cared for her. Even thou Alia new of how dangerus he is, she has know where else to go.

The Ring, the Carpite and the Lamp

Useing the ring she stole from the museum Alia was able to summon the carpite that would take her and Wenerd to the tomb to a genies lamp, Alias wants to know what happen to are family, but all Wenerd is intrested in is riches, but promised Alia she can have one wish. What they didn't Know Katia and her new friends were useing it and they were taken along with it. Sharlo took Katia with them because only pure of heart can take the lamp.

Wenerd Betrayal

Katia tricked Wenerd Sharlo into loseimg his ring. After he found it he also found out what Alias wanted. Not wanting to "waste" any wishes he abandoned her.

The Tome and the Truth

Wenerd and Katia finaly made it to the tome. The ring was the key. They ventured deep ontill they finaly they found the lamp. Katias friends now allied with Alia made it to them. Alia maneged to claim it a summon Katias father the genie. He told her the truth about her parents death and the killer, when that happen Alia threatend to kill him, but Katia begged her not to do so as that would be the last wish, and her father would be inprisoned for two thousond year. So Alia used her last wish to set him free

Professor Wenerd Sharlos' fate

When Katia was reunited with her father Sharlo set of a bobby trap and the tome began to seal. The girls and Katia father escape but the Professor Stayed behined for the tresure and was imprisoned, (which was stupid because the was no point in wealth, if theres nothing to use it on.)

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