George Weissmann (or more well-known as his alias Professor Weissmann, Weissmann the Faceless and is known formerly as Professor Alba) is the true main antagonist in The Legend of Heroes - Sora No Kiseki FC, the main antagonist of its sequel, Sora No Kiseki SC and the secondary antagonist in Sora No Kiseki the 3rd video games.

He is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka.


Professor Weissmann is an evil wizard. He works under the mysterious crime organization, which is known as Ouroboros as the agent with the position the 3rd Angis - faceless. He is the one who is responsible for the Hundred Days War, which results in the death of Agate's younger sister, Michelle and the Tragedy of Hamel Village. This causes Joshua's heart broken and changes Leonhardt's point of view about the humanity. He appears and introduces himself as Weissmann and he promises he will cure Joshua's broken heart, under the condition both Joshua and Leonhardt work with Ouroboros afterwards. He remoulds Joshua into a ruthless assasin, who assasinates a lot of people during his missions, thus granting Joshua the alias "The Black Fang". This is to ensure Joshua won't show any fear during his mission and thus failing his missions and his personal "experiment" will go well successfully.

Later, Joshua is sent to assasinate a target in a mission, who is Cassius Bright, who is the father of Estelle. When Joshua fails his mission, he sends some of his henchmen to kill Joshua, only being interrupted by Cassius Bright timely who saves Joshua's life and takes him back to his house and adopts him. Joshua first meets Estelle Bright in the Brights' house, and lives with them happily afterwards.

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