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Professor Von Rotten is the main antagonist of the film Willy McBean and his Magic Machine.

He was voiced by the late Larry D. Mann


 Von Rotten is building a time machine so he can go back in time and be the most famous person in history. Von Rotten plans to become the fastest gun in the west. Von Rotten asks Bill for a show down. Both guns are sabotaged before anyone can be shot. Von Rotten has failed so he moves onto his next target. Christopher Columbus. Von Rotten convinces the crew that they should mutiny. Once more McBean and Pablo stop the evil professor by showing the crew that land is not far off. After that, Von Rotten goes back in time to England in the days of King Arthur, but Pablo and Willy get Arthur to pull the sword. They later go back to Ancient Egypt, but Willy and Pablo reach Ancient Rome in a colosseum on the way. Then they go back to prehistoric times to get the caveman to invent fire and the wheel before Von Rotten. As they go back to the present, Von Rotten shows them history through his magic machine (in the form of a projector) during a history class.