Professor Vic Chalker is a villain from X-Factor and one of Marvel's innumerable lesser-known villains, he was part of a group of mutant-hating madmen dedicated to killing the mutant race, yet lacked the threat or skill of more prominent mutant-haters such as William Stryker or the Friends of Humanity.


Disgusted at the behavior of his mutant relative Carnivore, Professor Vic Chalker decided to make it his mission in life to exterminate all mutants.

Chalker voiced aloud his plans to slay all mutants.

Chalker completed "the most devastatingly destructive exo-skeleton in the world." However, he had taken his own measurements wrong and found he could barely fit in, could not see out, and could not reach the hand controls. He recognized this as a minor setback.

Chalker refashioned his armor so it actually fit him.

Chalker donned his armor and began his march towards mutant extermination. However, the march was quite short as the armor was so strong that it drained the power cells almost immediately after he started it. He recognized this, too, as a minor setback, but then he recognized that he could not open the armor without power, either.

Chalker added "enough generators and batteries to light up South Dakota" to his armor.

Chalker strode outside of his headquarters, determined to finally begin the extermination of mutant kind. As it started to rain, he realized too late that he had not checked to make certain the suit was completely waterproof. A few drops of rain hit him and he was instantly electrocuted, leaving only a skeleton inside the massive armor.

Cannonball flew by, noting the weird statue.

Chalker's spirit was sent to Satannish's realm of Hell.

Satannish (as Nick Cloot) resurrected Vic Chalker--alongside Number One Fan and Carnivore, as X-Factor's greatest enemies, sending him to join Charon in his attack on X-Factor. Not getting the whole magnetic powers thing, Chalker attempted to assault Polaris several times, only to be hurled away from her each time. One time, Number One Fan tried to catch him, but neglected to consider the propellers on his hands and chopped up Vic pretty badly. Enraged, Vic used a laser to cut Number One Fan in half.
Shortly thereafter, Satannish/Cloot took Charon as his own prisoner, and the Chalkers three were never seen nor heard from again.

Powers / Abilities

Chalker wore a massive suit of armor, which--when it worked--granted him superhuman strength (Class 25) and durability, the ability to fire energy blasts, etc. He was intelligent enough to design a powerful exoskeleton.